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Axminster Carpet


In an axminster gripper weave, cut tufts of yarn are inserted at the point of weaving by means of grippers. For each tuft to be inserted along the width of the axminster carpet, there is a corresponding metal gripper which rises from the bed of the loom to grip the appropriate coloured end of yarn from the vertical yarn carrier. A knife blade slices the tuft to the correct length, the gripper then returns to the bed of the loom and places the tuft in the appropriate position, the weft shots of the backing yarns then bind it into place.

A beater bar pushes each row of tufts and weft shots tightly against one another to form the carpet. The “beatup” (rows) can vary from as low as 5 to 14 rows per inch, or even higher if required. Different coloured ends of yarn (according to design) can be selected from the yarn carrier, which is raised or lowered by means of a jacquard (punched card) mechanism.

Many different colours can be used in this weaving method. More modern looms have electronic jacquards which enable them to produce very complicated designs with almost infinite pattern repeats.

Common Specifications : Pile Yarn 80% Wool/20% Nylon 6.6 Pile Yarn Count : 660/3 Backing Yarns Warp : Polyester-Cotton Backing Yarns Weft : Jute/PP Width : 4 m

  • Pitch/Row/Oz
  • 7 x 7 : 32 oz
  • 7 x 8 : 38 oz
  • 7 x 9 : 42 oz
  • 7 x 10 : 48 oz
  • 7 x 11 : 52 oz
  • 7 x 12 : 57 oz
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